Paw Dogs Essential Mousse Soap Free Deodorizer Cleanser 150ml (P75670


For times when you need to clean your dog without a complete wash, Paw's Dermoscent Essential Mousse is a soap-free, rinse-free cleanser that requires no water.

Ideal for all skin and hair types, Dermoscent Essential Mousse is formulated with Cucurbitine, a patented cooling ingredient, and 100% natural extracts. It provides key nutrients, deodorizes and moisturizes the skin while purifying and eliminating dirt without the need to rinse.

Purifies and eliminates dirt without rinsing
Provides moisturizing ingredients to the skin with essential fatty acids and natural oils and extracts
Deodorizes & moisturizes
Mousse format enables a quick, easy and efficient soap free cleansing