Paws & Claws Drying Hand Mitts 2Pc

So you've just washed your dog and using a towel to dry his coat is just not doing the job properly - leaving your towel saturated and him still quite wet. Snap up Paws & Claws Drying Hand Mitts. It's a microfibre mitt that is extra absorbent and super soft. It cleans dirty paws and wipes pets dry - your pooch will think you're giving him a pat down while you're wearing these mitts so stock up today and save!


  • Paws & Claws Drying Hand Mitts 2Pc
  • Microfibre
  • Extra absorbent and super soft
  • Cleans dirty paws and wipes pets dry


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21 June 2018

Ideal for helping my water obsessed dog dry off a little.

02 November 2018

great for muddy paws

13 October 2018

These work great. I have a big dog so it lessens the wet towel problem

08 February 2019

My Dog really seems to enjoy being dried with these mits and it’s much easier than a towel

06 November 2018