Periodic Table of Elements T-Shirt

PERIODIC TABLE OF ELEMENTS T-SHIRT The periodic table of the chemical elements (or just the periodic table to those of us who like things a little more simple) is a tabular display that illustrates the recurring 'periodic' trends in the properties of chemical elements.

Sounds boring and confusing right?

Well, some people love all this science stuff - and we'd safely bet you know someone who would suit this Geeks Periodic Table T-Shirt perfectly!

They might pretend it's a funny joke at first, but then they'll start wearing it and it will not only become their favourite T-Shirt, but they'll find themselves teaching people a thing or two as they do!

So have fun memorising in style!


  • Learn all about the elements!
  • Great for wannabe and actual scientists!


  • **Colour:**Black
  • **Material:**Cotton
  • Size: Various