Pet Parade Pony and Stable Playset Horse and Stable

This Adorable Pony and Stable is the latest member of The Pet Parade Family

This Carry Along Stable Gives You A Place To Take Your Pony, Care For It And Feed It

Attach the ponies lead and take your pony for a walk.

Reward your pony with a grooming session by brushing the hair on their manes and tails. Then see if they like their new look using the mirror.

Pet parade ponies walk and have realistic movements! the ponies can be made to walk and move using a joystick button on their back.

Pressing this button makes the pony walk in the direction their owner chooses and allows kids to move their ponies head and tail! the ponies can also interact with their accessories! the ponies can chase accessories, eat food and interact with other ponies.

Includes: 1 Exclusive Pony, 1 Small Stable, 1 Lead Rope, 1 Carrot, 1 Comb And 1 Mirror For Grooming