Petkit Puppy Training Pad Holder, Indoor Dog Toilet

Petkit Pura Dog Training Toilet Board

Sometimes, your dog's bladder won't make it down 15 flights of stairs at 2 A.M. If they're a puppy, they'd be lucky to make it through half of that before having to pop a squat. But the idea of covering your ultra-modern decor in pee pads from the 70s is abhorrent. Not only do they not absorb well, but they're hideous to look at-especially when stained yellow and torn asunder by puppy claws. Then, there's the matter of securing them. Though tape is a common choice, it leaves residue all over your clean floors. Scraping it back up afterward is a messy, arduous process. This product from Petkit aims to give you another option. A way to constrain potty time to proper areas without leaving your home looking like a pseudo construction site.

Constructed from animal-safe materials, this ppee pad holder represents the perfect merger of litterbox and puppy pad. Its subtle coloration and gentle curves surprisingly modern. But it is not just aesthetically pleasing. This product is easy to clean and 100 percent waterproof. Its sturdy storm grey top also ensures that your dog can't turn what's inside into a shredded mess of urine, gel, and quilted fabric swatches. Need to switch them out? The easy-grip handle makes doing so a breeze.

Whether you're looking to cut down on wintertime potty breaks or give your senior dog's hips a break, this product is a must-have.


Color: White & Grey

Materials: Polypropylene

Accessories included: 1 x Pee pad included
Tray Size: L 52cm x W 39cm x H 4.7cm

Product Features

  • Helps teach your dog or cat how to urinate in designated places
  • Made from non-toxic, corrosion-resistant resin
  • Can accommodate most puppy pads
  • Neutral coloring and contemporary shape fits modern homes
  • Waterproof construction makes the box easy to clean
  • Ships with one carbon pad
  • Handles let you remove the tray with just your fingers, no tipping or tools required
  • Sized to fit everything from kittens to medium-sized dogs
  • Mesh top keeps your dog from turning their pee pads into chew toys