Petscene Extra Large Wood Bird Cage Budgie Parrot Aviary Canary Cage Aviary

You will find the best bird cage from Petscene, just like this decorative extra-large bird cage, suitable for Budgie Parrot Aviary Canary and more kinds of birds. It comes with simple and elegant design, with fine workmanship can be saw. The bird house uses solid fir wood to form a durable construction, in natural finish it guarantees a long-lasting use. Inside the cage, horizonal bars for climbing and attaching toys are included, and a qualified steel tray that is easy to clean. Better ventilated and safe, for the iron wire mesh as walls. With fully open air, your lovely birds will fit in this beautiful home quickly.

  • Suitable for raising Parrot, Cockatoo, Macaw, or Other Bird Durable and draughty pine wooden pet cage. Simple and elegant design, fine workmanship
  • Horizontal bars for climbing and attaching toys
  • Made of solid fir wood in natural finish, it guarantees long lasting use.
  • On a rainy day, the parrot also won't get wet for the rain. Cage adopts iron wire which closely packed. At the bottom, it contains qualified steel tray that is easy to clean.
  • Product Size: 150x178x70cm




;Natural color


;Fir wood

Roof Surface

Green asphalt

Overall Dimensions

;150m(W)x 70cm(D)x 178cm(H)

The Grid Line Diameter


Packing Size


Gross Weight