Philips SHD8850 Digital Wireless Headphones/Hi-Res Audio for TV/3.5mm/Optical

Philips Wireless TV headphones
40mm drivers/open-back

Philips SHD8850 wireless headphones immerse your in ;your own world of cinematic sound, with total freedom. Digital wireless connectivity provides interference-free, crystal clear sound, for the ultimate in personal home entertainment.

20-hour runtime for long listening sessions
Move freely with 30m wireless range
Automatic on/off power
Easy-to-use charging dock
Optical and analog input fits all televisions

Designed for long-wearing comfort

Hammock auto-adjusts for optimal fit
Breathable velour ear cushions for extensive comfort

20-hour runtime

With a 20-hour runtime, you can indulge in marathon viewing sessions without worrying about losing power.

30m wireless range

The 30m transmission range provides mobility and freedom to enjoy your music all around your home.

Auto on/off

Philips SHD8850 headphones turn on automatically when you put them on your head. And when you're finished watching, they will automatically power off, to ensure power doesn't go to waste.

Cinematic sound

Philips SHD8850's 40mm drivers are acoustically tuned to deliver superior cinematic sound.

Fits all televisions

Equipped with an optical and analog input, Philips SHD8850 headphones are compatible.

Hi-res audio

High-resolution audio offers the best in sound performance, reproducing the quality of original studio master recordings more faithfully than 16bit/44.1kHz CD formats. Using the audio cable provided, Philips SHD8850 wireless headphones support high-resolution audio, delivering uncompromising audio quality from your preferred devices - so you can get more out of your home entertainment.