Piano Adventures : Primer Level - Performance Book

Piano Adventures : Primer Level - Performance Book
ISBN: 9781616770778
Publication Date: 25 March 2010

Books A, B, and C offer a spirited and playful piano adventure for younger ages, leading into Level 1 of basic Piano Adventures.

The Piano Adventures method consists of four core books per level. Lesson Book, Theory Book, Technique & Artistry Book, and Performance Book.

The accelerated Piano Adventures Lesson Book, Theory Book, Performance Book, Technique & Artistry Book, Christmas Book, and Popular Repertoire are ideal for beginning students ages 11 and up.

This "all-in-one" course includes 3-minute technique pages and applied music theory pages, along with popular favourites.

These professionally crafted orchestrations introduce the student to a variety of ensembles. The CDs include both practice and performance tempos, and feature the expressiveness of acoustic instruments.

Uniquely effective, the Piano Adventures flashcards present each note individually, then in a short sightplaying example. A Super Student Challenge is included on each card.

This lesson notebook optimises both lesson time and practice time by assisting teacher-student communication.