PicassoTiles PBT580 Kids Activity Center Table & Chair Set Study Desk Sandbox Water Tight Container Storage All-in-1 STEM Toy Kit Playset with 581pc

PicassoTiles PBT580 Kids Activity Center Table & Chair Set Study Desk Sandbox Water Tight Container Storage All-in-1 STEM Toy Kit Playset with 581pc

PicassoTiles large activity kids center table & chair set includes 500 classic sized building bricks and 80 large construction blocks for an all-in-one playset ready for mix & match creative designs constructed by children boys & girls ages 3+. The building table allows kids to have a clean and easy environment to build and create while fostering early education, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) learning, hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills.

Promotes and encourages creativity which is the key factor to success in today's ever-changing environments. Fun and entertaining, perfect educational presents for pre-school and school age children that will never go out of style. Colorful Construction Building bricks are stackable and designed to provide unlimited design possibilities for toy brick builders from houses, castles, dinosaurs, giraffes, monuments, tanks, penguins and more!

It is never too early to start developing children’s STEM skills from visual learning, strong sense of color, artwork, geometrical shapes, mathematics, numbers counts, number matching, natural objects and animal identification, emotional expressions, 3D architectural design, to even structural engineering at an early age and keep children occupied for hours of endless stimulating creative fun while still making learning at its finest entertaining and easy!

The ultimate building brick play set activity center includes a light-weight toddler height table and one child friendly durable chair that can be used for easy indoor & outdoor play. The kid-sized table is equipped with construction bricks layout to allow for quick and simple attachments of both classic and large size sensory toys building blocks and is a perfect place to create unimaginable building block masterpieces, arts & crafts, and much more while minimizing mess.

The classic and large sized construction building bricks are playable and constructible with other major building block sets and classic sized building bricks. Construct between different brands and kits to create bigger buildings, cities, animals, or anything you can imagine! Each premium high quality brick is guaranteed to have a tight fit with other leading building brick sets to make combining and disassembling large brick pieces effortless and simple.


  • Quickly and easily assemble the building block activity center table and chair for indoor and outdoor use. Each of the bricks connect easily to the table top and keep a sturdy structure for designs to be built.
  • Creativity beyond imagination, PicassoTiles construction building bricks offer both 3D and 2D endless creative combinations and learning opportunities for single player or multiplayer in groups such as preschool, pretend play, teamwork, kindergarten and more. Easy to construct and easy to put away for storage. No limitations, scalable to build as big as desired by adding more blocks and bricks to create your masterpiece.
  • Never too early to start developing kids' creativity. Children can acquire a strong sense of color, geometrical shapes, object identification, structural engineering and 3d architectural design at an early age. Develops kids creativity and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) skills by playing and creating unique masterpieces.
  • Free children from staring at the digital screens and electronic devices which could create eye pressure and be harmful to children eye visions. Helps kids focus on being creative and stimulating logical thinking.
  • Entertaining for single or multiple parties and feel the sense of achievement together. Suitable for all ages (6+ and up) by one party or in groups a great way to spend quality time with the family and loved ones.


  • 6 Years and Up Ages
  • Large Activity Table
  • 1 Kid-Friendly Sturdy Chair
  • 500 Classic Size Building Blocks
  • 80 Large Sized Construction Building Bricks
  • 11 Different Colored Construction Bricks

PicassoTiles PBT580 Kids Activity Center Table & Chair Set Study Desk Sandbox Water Tight Container Storage All-in-1 STEM Toy Kit Playset with 581pc

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