Pidan Cat Teaser Add-on Accessories 3-Pack (A3)

**Replace accessories on your cats favourite teaser toy or mix up the accessories for never-ending, interesting play for your cat with the Pidan Cat Teaser Add-On Accessories!**Give your cat more to play with! This Pidan Cat Teaser accessory set includes three different cat teaser attachments and a 40cm elastic string to add more length to cat teaser wands. The Feather Teaser attachment features all-natural white goose feathers that arent dyed and have two small bells on the sides that jingle to keep your cats attention. The Tail is designed to look like a preys tail and can be dangled above your cats head or dragged across the floor. It has extra strings and small bells for extra entertainment for your cat. You can use the Feather add-on to mimic a birds movements or the Tail attachment to awaken your cats hunting and chasing instincts!

You can use the Shiny Strips attachment to create a rustling noise that your cat will love and allow them to paw and bat the fluttering strips. Use the included Elastic String to add length and bounce to the cat teaser wand and attach one of the three add-on accessories to it. The bouncing and swaying motions created will make playtime more exciting for your cat. You can stretch the 40cm Elastic String to 70cm and it can handle up to 4kg in weight.


  • A mix of luxurious cat teaser wand add-on accessories 4 accessories total!
  • Includes a soft feather teaser made of natural white goose feathers (no dye involved)
  • Accessory with shiny strips that make rustling noises that cats love
  • Tail add-on that sways from side to side and awakens your cats instincts
  • Strong 40cm elastic string that stretches to 70cm and can withstand up to 4kg of weight
  • Small silver bells on Feather Accessory and Tail Accessory to capture your cats attention
  • Stretchy string attachment can be used with the other 3 cat teaser add-ons
  • Encourages your cats natural instincts to hunt and chase and make playtime more satisfying
  • Compatible with all Pidan Cat Teaser Toys

Quantity: 4 Pidan Cat Teaser accessories per pack

Set Includes:

1 Feather Teaser Add-On Accessory

1 Shiny Strips Add-On Accessory

1 Tail Add-On Accessory


Feather: Natural white goose feathers (no dye)

Shiny Strips: PET plastic

Tail: Plus Strip

Replace cat teaser add-ons on your cats Pidan Cat Teaser Wand with the Pidan Cat Teaser A3 4-Pack Add-On Accessories!