Pimple Popper Zit Squeezer Stress Reliever

PIMPLE POPPER ZIT SQUEEZER STRESS RELIEVER I don't know about you, but man, do I love a good pimple squeeze: the tension in the skin; the slow build-up of pressure under the skin as you apply pressure; that moment just before it erupts; and then sweet, sweet satisfaction as puss shoots out with the force of a thousand puss-filled volcanoes.

But sometimes (and only sometimes) we eat well and we exercise and we drink water, and as a result our skin becomes clear and bright with not a pimple in sight.

Which means no pimple popping...

... or does it?

Not if you snag yourself Pimple Popper Stress Reliever! This neat little kit consists of a perforated pimply face and a tube of puss. Fill the face with puss then squeeze to your hearts content. Refill at leisure for unlimited pimple-squeezing pleasure.

The ultimate novelty gift for pimple poppers!


  • Fill & squeeze!
  • Disgustingly satisfying stress relief!
  • Included pimpled squeezer face & refill tube


  • Inclusions: 1 x pimpled face for squeezing, 1 x puss refill tube
  • Ages: 6 and above. Not suitable for children 3 years and under due to choking hazard