Pioneer SBT91 Dura Ace R9100 Dual Leg Crankset Power Meter 52/36T 170mm

These days a power meter is the most valuable and necessary tool any cyclist can use to measure and quantify their efforts. Measure your performance and get the most out of your training by knowing now more about your ride than ever before. The Pioneer Power Meter gives you the power to get better, faster and is the first power meter that measures the output and pedalling stroke efficiency of each leg - in real time. Pioneer delivers advanced precision and accuracy with force detection in 24 locations - almost 400 times per rotation. Make on-the-fly adjustments and be confident that you’ve got the information you need to better your technique and efficiency at your fingertips.

Superior Connectivity:
Connect your Pioneer Power Meter via Bluetooth Low Energy to your smartphone and Pioneer’s Cyclo-Sphere Control App for Android or iPhone to make installation and setup a breeze. Manage everything - power meter functions, mode switching, magnet calibration, zero calibration, pedal copy and firmware updates. It really doesn’t get any easier. Direct connection to your smart trainer is also possible via ANT+ or Bluetooth Low Energy.

Unrivalled Pedal Power:
Naturally you will want advanced knowledge that comes with precision measurement. The Pioneer Power Meter measures force and direction every 30 degrees - that’s a dozen times every revolution! When used with a Pioneer or Wahoo® ELEMNT and ELEMNT BOLT cycle computers, you’ll see graphically displayed force vectors in real time. Make immediate adjustments to your pedal stroke and get better, faster.

Pedalling Monitor Advanced Integration:
Fully compatible with Pioneer and Wahoo ELEMNT and ELEMNT BOLT cycle computers, the Pioneer Power Meter Pedalling Monitor System shows precise pedalling efficiency and power metrics for each leg, in real time. The force vector graph displays power utilization and loss for each pedal stroke, so you always know your exact output.

Dependable Durability: