Pixel P45RGB 3600 RGB LED Light With Softbox Kit

Pixel "P" series products are with wider color temperature and higher CRI rate LED lights.

P45RGB is the latest RGB LED light released by Pixel. It has 3600 full color gamut and full saturation under HSI mode and super wide color temperature (2800K-10000K) range under CCT mode. With only 1.42kg body and dual power supply modes, you can use the light whenever and wherever you want.

With the 552 LED beads build on the panel, P45RGB can bring you over 7000Lux light in 50cm distance and more than 2000Lux in 100cm distance.

P45RGB has 2.4gHz wireless control modular on board, it allows user to use one light as master to control multiply Pixel LED light in the studio.
Support bracket can provide 360-degree rotation and with the use of four-leaf baffle, P45RGB will play an important role in the jobs.

Built-in temperature control protection circuit and heat sink aluminium back plate can greatly extend the servicing hour with no over heating issue and annoying fan noise.

P45C is a high-performance professional video light, can be widely used in advertising photography, wedding portraiture, news interviews, film and television production, micro-film shooting etc.


Model:P45RGB LED Beads: 552pcs (312 pieces bi-color beads and 240 pieces RGB beads)

Input PowerDC15V 4A


Color Temperature2600-10000K


Lumen7000Lux @ 0.5m. 2020Lux @ 1m

CRI: 97+

9 pre-set lighting effects

Adjust Range1-100%

Power Source: 2pcs NP-F Lithium Battery or Power Adapter

Bulb Life: 50,000Hrs




Content List:

2 x Pixel P45RGB LED Light

2 x Power Adaptor

2 x Pixel F5C 40cm Softbox

2 x Pixel Flexi Gel Diffuser

2 x MC FOTO 280cm Light Stand

1 x Pixel LED Light Carry Bag

Pixel P45RGB 3600 RGB LED Light With Softbox Kit


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Marketplace - Leaves warehouse in 1 business day
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