Pokemon Gold And Silver | Collector's Gift Set [DVD][2016]

Product Specifications

  • Australian Rating: G
  • Consumer Advice: General Exhibition
  • Format PAL
  • Compatibility: Compatible with all Australian DVD players
  • Disc Format: DVD

Product Description

A land where myths and legends are still very much alive: this is the Johto region of the Pokemon world, home to fabled Pokemon such as the majestic Ho-Oh and the mighty Lugia. Pokemon Trainer Ash Ketchum is headed west to Johto with his sights set on becoming a different kind of legend entirely champion of the Johto Leagues Silver Conference tournament! With his old friends Brock and Misty along for the ride, hell encounter Johto's special sights and unique Pokemon, including a few Legendary ones. When it comes to legends, there's no better place to go than Johto's ancient Ecruteak City; only a select few know all the secrets behind its fabled Tin Tower, where Ho-Oh once appeared. Then there are the Ruins of Alph, where Ash and his friends have a chance to uncover the secret of some living fossils. On the other hand, Goldenrod City is as modern and busy as can be, with a radio station that broadcasts Pokemon programs across the land. Even farther west lie the Whirl Islands, home to their own Whirl Cup tournament... and a Lugia that desperately needs Ash's help. But no matter where Ash goes, his quest will lead him to Mt. Silver and a Silver Conference showdown with his old nemesis, Gary Oak!