PolarPro GoPro Hero3 Magenta Filter Acrylic

PolarPro GoPro Hero3 Snap-On Magenta Filter Acrylic

SKU: C1010

The PolarPro GoPro Hero3 Snap-On Magenta Filter Acrylic is the sleekest snap on filter for the GoPro Hero3 . This Filter will colour correct your tropical and blue water adventures.

The Cube Filter Series was designed for seamless installation and removal. The Cube GoPro filter simply snaps on and off with ease. Made out of extremely strong optical materials for added longevity and colour correcting efficiency.

For: Tropical and Blue Water

Simply pop the filter on when below 3m (10ft) and pop it off when above 3m (10ft). This snap on filter provides the same colour correction as other expensive filters and is less expensive.

This red filter instantly improves under water video colours by correcting the Hero3 Gopro cameras white balance. Without a filter video footage will appear too blue or too green.

The Filter is made out of a virtually unbreakable optical acrylic which provides durability and sharpness.

Before your next dive pick up a Polar Pro Cube Filter and show your friends how bright that clownfish was or how vibrant the reef looked.