PolarPro GoPro ProView-IPhone 5/5s Mount

PolarPro GoPro ProView-Iphone 5/5s MountThe PolarPro GoPro Proview-Iphone 5/5s Mount is the perfect Gopro mount for using the GoPro App. Proview provides a secure connection between your camera and your mobile phone allowing one-handed GoPro app operation and filming. With the proview you can see exactly what the GoPro is shooting on your phone screen when the LCD bacpac is not visible, for example when you are followcaming or filming yourself.

You can now use your phone as a convienient GoPro grip which also displays a live view of what you are filming. The Proview includes a wrist leash, just in case you drop your phone, you will not be out a phone and a camera. The Proview provides ample protection to your mobile phone however it is not waterproof. The GoPro wifi does not work underwater anyway, so best keep the Proview for above water adventures. The uses for the Proview are endless, but we got to shoot some skiing and snowboarding at Mt Hood with it this summer. The Proview is perfect for following your buddies through the terrain park and frame every shot perfectly. Or if you are not feeling so extreme the Proview is a great mount for your next GoPro vacation. From exploring a new city to adventuring through a rainforest, the Proview ensures every video and picture you take with your GoPro is perfectly framed.

The Proview includes a mount-free top piece. When you dont need the GoPro mount, simply slide the GoPro top-cap off, and slide on the slim top cap. When you are ready to film again simply slide your GoPro top cap back on your phone.

PolarPro GoPro ProView-IPhone 5/5s Mount

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