Polish Club - Iguana CD

With one foot dragging through the hazy past and the other dangling over the precipice of bad decisions, Polish Club welcomes you to their second album, Iguana. The long-awaited follow-up to their dashing debut arrives June 7, armed with some surprisingly different sonic weaponry.

Featuring the wall-to-wall sound of single ‘Clarity’ (#78 Hottest 100) & new single ‘We Don’t Care’, which boasts enough emotional wallop to stop Alan Jones mid-sentence, somehow still managing the trick of sounding exactly like Polish Club, yet distinctly different.


1. We Don't Care

2. Iguana

3. Goddamn!

4. Clarity

5. Breakapart

6. Sun

7. Time Crisis

8. As Low As It Goes

9. Let's Pretend

10. 2 Scared

11. Moonlighting

12. I Don’t Need This Anymore