Portable Work Bench Platform Table DIY Tool Station Hand Truck Trolley Sawhorse Creeper Multifunction Compact Workbench

It is the perfect help which you need for a totally versatile DIY workbench. With up to 7 working modes, our handy 7-in-1 Workbench lets you get things done conveniently, effectively and efficiently. The workbench can be used at 3 different heights for different work situations or even completely flat if necessary. As a workbench and sawhorse mode, you have access to a handy tool tray, a compass with 8 guidelines, ruler, 10 sawhorse holes for hassle-free and accurate cutting. Set it up to 52cm height, you can use it as a stable work platform and scaffold for any painting job or getting to hard-to-reach places. And if you are a motorhead, you will love its car creeper mode that lets you get under your vehicle without any hindrance on its four smooth castors. It also functions as a dolly and platform trolley to transport anything that needs to get from A to B with absolute ease. Made of durable material,the workbench is extremely strong and rust-free and comes with a high weight capacity of up to 200kg. ### Specifications: * Work platform size: 108.5 x 54.5cm * Work height: 52/78cm * Net weight: 13.5kg
### Loading Capacity: * Workbench /Saw Horse mode - 100Kgs / 220Lbs * Scaffold / Platform mode - 200Kgs / 440Lbs * Car Creeper & Dolly mode - 100Kgs / 220Lbs * Hand Truck mode - 100Kgs / 220Lbs