Pranks in a Tin

Good Old Fashioned Family Fun

We don't actually know much about practical jokes in the ancient world but it has been proven that a sense of humour was a way of life in the Mesopotamian era. Jokes about beer, women and political figures have been discovered on tablets in Iraq, Greece and Italy!

If you enjoy a good ol fashioned nose tweaking practical joke then you're going to love this Pranks in a Tin set from Retro Styler. This set contains six different hilarious and old timey jokes that'll make your kid's faces light up with delight! It includes a whoopee cushion, finger traps and more!

Joke Set Specifics and Features

  • Tin containing six classic retro style jokes/ pranks
  • Comes with Moustache Glasses, Whoopee Cushion, Squirting Ring, Nail Through Finger, and Electric Shock Buzzer
  • Retro style tin can be reused for your other useful and entertaining knick-knacks
  • Intended for ages 8 years +
  • Designed and manufactured by Funtime Gifts