Precision Blend Shampoo 250ml

American Crew Precision Blend Shampoo
Give your colour-treated hair the TLC it needs with American Crew Precision Blend Shampoo.

Regular shampoo isn’t enough
Men may undergo colour treatments just as much as the other half of the population. Because of this, there is a need for hair products that are suitable for coloured hair. Your conventional shampoo is inadequately-armed to properly care for your hair in this situation. In fact, it may be doing more harm than good as it contains chemicals that are too harsh. These may then contribute to colour fadeout.

While there are tons of shampoos out in the market that are specifically formulated to meet this demand, most of them cater to women.

Precision hair care made especially for men
With this in mind, American Crew brings you its Precision Blend Shampoo. Concocted particularly for coloured and grey-blended hair, this product cleanses and conditions your coif while keeping it vibrant.

American Crew Precision Blend Shampoo’s new formula—improved with the latest technological breakthrough in surfactant chemistry—helps minimise colour loss by over 96%. Not only that, it also restores moisture to damaged hair to bring back its health and vitality.

A variety of nourishing components for dyed hair
To effectively nourish every strand, American Crew Precision Blend Shampoo is created with a potent mix of nutrient-rich actives. Feel the difference as the following ingredients work their magic on your hair:
• Wheat Amino Acids
• Antioxidant-rich rosemary leaf extract
• UV filters

The powerful combination of these in the American Crew Precision Blend Shampoo ensures that your mane is protected from the various factors that contribute to colour loss. Defend your hair from the sun, everyday pollution, and all the harsh chemicals from your regular shampoo.

Reliable and tailor-made products from American Crew
The company behind the American Crew Precision Blend Shampoo is a leader in the men’s grooming business. With a passionate commitment to men’s personal care needs, it provides new avenues for men to incorporate style into their everyday lives.

You can be assured that the company has stayed true to its ideals when it made the American Crew Precision Blend Shampoo. This product ensures that your hair looks it best every day so you do, too.

Give your hair the love it deserves
We understand that maintaining your hair colour is no easy work. Get the American Crew Precision Blend Shampoo today and let it do the work for you so you can enjoy effortlessly-vibrant hair every day.

Precision Blend Shampoo 250ml

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