Premium Starting Clamp for Racquet Stringing

This premium starting clamp is used by us at Tennis Warehouse Australia on every racquet we string. We use it to start the restring by clamping it behind the first clamp to prevent any slipping. It can also be used in other ways too, including:

  • Creating a string extension. This is useful when you measure your string just a couple of centimetres too short (by mistake) and need to add a little bit of extra string to enable it to reach the gripper for the final string pull before tying off.
  • Clamping on the outside of the frame. This is useful for holding string temporarily while you use both your base clamps, until such time as the tie off knot becomes exposed (eg, Babolat Pure Storm racquets).
  • Starting the restring. Some stringers prefer to use a starting clamp on the outside of the frame as opposed to the base clamp (with this optional starting clamp behind it).

Safely graded to hold up to 60lbs tension. Minimal slipping between 60lbs ad 70lbs. Higher then this is highly not recommended.

This starting clamp is more expensive than others because of the superior clamping face material which further minimises the chance of slipping and damage to the string. If you would prefer a cheaper alternative, please consider this model instead.