Prepara Drydock Drying Mat Blue 35x54cm

Prepara Drydock Drying Mat Blue

Live in a modern kitchen without a draining rack? ;You need the Dry Dock. ;The Dry Dock is five times more absorbent than your standard drying up cloth. The unique honeycomb texture allows superior air flow, drying everything faster. ;

The Dry Dock has a unique triple layer construction. The first layer is a non-scratch mesh protecting your kitchenware. The second is a super absorbent wicking foam layer that draws the moisture away. Finally the third layer is an anti-bacterial microfiber to ensure your dry dock is always clean and healthy.

Laid flat, the Dry Dock measure 35cm x 54cm but you can easily fold it up for quick and easy storage. It works perfectly in small kitchens or as a supplement to dish racks and dishwashers in larger kitchens. Its easy to clean, just toss it in your washing machine using warm water.

Prepara Dry Dock Drying Matt features:

Dish drying mat perfect for drying large pots, pans, plates and moreFive-times more absorbent than cotton dish towelsTriple layer construction; non-scratch mess, wicking foam, anti-bacterial microfiberDe-clutters counters and stores aw