Profile Design Aero Hc Hydration System 2013 - White

The Profile Design Aero HC System is the pinnacle of aerodynamic hydration. The bottle is placed in the most aerodynamic position on the bike (between the aero bars), plus they’ve made the bottle aero, made the straw aero, and left room for your cycling computer behind the bottle (so it’s out of the wind and out of the way). With features, such as, a flip cap for easy re-fill with no splash, a removable nose to aid in the cleaning process, and a BPA-free bottle, this is your aerodynamic hydration solution.

• Aerodynamic design mounts bottle conveniently between the riders arms for hidden, sleek profile.
• Flip cap for easy, on-th-go refill and no splash.
• Bracket and cage offer width and length adjustment to suit and riding position.
• Computer mount integrates with bracket and hides computer behind the bottle
• Width Adjustment (c-c): 80mm - 120mm
• Capacity: 28oz (828ml)
• Weight: System - 248g
• Bracket Only - 138g