Prosumer’s Choice 21" Rotating Bamboo TV Swivel Stand / Lazy Susan w/ Built In Tablet Stand - Black

Prosumer’s Choice Natural Bamboo Swivel Rotating TV and Monitor Stand is exactly what you need for your home entertainment center or office. Our elegant and functional solution makes it easy to turn your screen a full 360 degrees for the best viewing angle anywhere in the room.

Made of 100% bamboo with a natural finish, this swivel stand features a beautiful arc shape for a clean, modern appearance. The smooth sanded half circle means you won’t have to worry about sharp corners poking your fingers when you turn your devices. A semi-circle shape is also a safer choice for families with young children who shouldn’t be around pointy objects. Now you have a rounded TV stand to match devices with circular pedestals as well as straight edge bases.

The bamboo material means your new stand will last for many years of enjoyment. The heavy-duty stand holds up to 220 lbs., so it’s strong enough for flat screens up to about 55 inches. The steel ball bearings provide even, quiet rotation to keep your devices steady and stable as they turn. This stand is equipped with non-slip rubber feet that hold it firmly in place so your devices don’t wobble and the stand won’t scratch your underlying furniture. This durable swivel stand doesn’t just hold TVs and monitors; you’ll see there’s a dedicated device slot towards the front of the base. We know many people use tablets and Smartphones while they’re watching TV, movies, and gaming; the device slot gives you a place to hold your small screens so they’re ready to go during commercials or when it’s someone else’s turn to play a game.

We want you to have a stand you’ll be proud to display in your living room, kitchen, den, or office. The natural finish works with any décor and the low-profile design provides a minimalist look. Prosumer’s Choice Bamboo Swivel Rotating TV Stand is ready to use out of the box with virtually no tools or assembly required.