Prosumer’s Choice Universal 5 Tablet and Smartphone Charging Organizer Rack / Desktop Stand Holder

Do you have multiple digital devices in your home or office? We know it’s tough to keep all of your gadgets, such as power banks, tablets and phones powered up and uncluttered; that’s why we designed the Prosumer’s Choice Universal 5 Tablet and Smartphone Organizer Rack/Stand Holder. Your tablets and phones will stay organized with this lightweight and portable stand that neatly holds up to five devices. An ideal organizational tool for families and corporate settings, this versatile stand holds tablets, Smartphones, books, and catalogs in one manageable location.

This sturdy stand made in Taiwan with precision construction offers spacious compartment slots that leave plenty of room for thick protective cases, so you probably won’t have to remove outer covers from your devices just to use your charging stand. The device rack supports most tablet and large screen Smartphone models, including popular iPad, iPad Pro, Android tablets, Surface, iPhone Plus models, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Note, and more.

Designed with stability in mind, this device holder is an excellent space-saving accessory for desks, kitchen counters, and night stands as well as cramped environments such as RVs and dorm rooms. You’ll be able to position your devices in landscape or portrait mode in case you need to use them while they power up. Prosumer’s Choice 5-Device Tablet and Smartphone Desktop Organizer also helps manage your charging cables so they don’t clutter up your space. This multi-device docking station includes four non-skid strips to ensure the base sits securely in place.