PSK06 KINGRAY 14V DC 150Ma Power Supply PAL Type Kingray Suitable For Powering Masthead TV Amplifiers Via the Coaxial Cable 14V DC 150MA POWER



GME Kingray's power supplies have constantly maintained their reputation as the highest quality and most reliable power supplies to the antenna industry. They feature posistor protection circuitry and fully comply with Australian and New Zealand Energy Standards. Our power supplies are specifically designed to suit our full range oflocally manufactured electronic products. Experience has proven that inferior power supplies are unreliable and can damage the electronics being powered.


  • Output 1 x 75 OHM PAL Injector
  • Voltage: 240V to 14VDC
  • Max Current 150mA

Description 240V AC TO 14V DC, 150 mA Injector Type PAL MHW24G, MHW24FE/FSE • MHW34G/GIL/GDP, MHU34G, MHW34F/FS, MHU34F/FS, MHU24GE, MHW24F/FS,MHU24F/FS • MHV34, MHW38G, MHV44HLG, MHU44G, MHU44B5G • SAM204/DP • SAT164R • SAT42 - SAT25D, SAT42D - DW42, DA43, MD100VS, MD100US - DW32 - FAQs

Should I use a DC power supply, like a PSK06, or AC power supply like the PSK08? When in doubt, choose DC. The common DC power supplies are the black PSK06 or the white KPS06. Free-to-air splitters (FSPxF) have a "single port power pass", meaning that the power supply in the room below will only work at one of the TV points. The other TV outlets around the house will not let the voltage travel up to the TV antenna. These splitters will work fine with AC or DC power supplies.

Splitters that work with both free-to-air and satellite (SPxF) will only perform well when a DC power supply is used. Even if the house does not have satellite TV, many installers will use this kind of splitter as they allow the house owner or tenant to place the power supply anywhere in the antenna system and it will work. If you don't know whichsystem is yours, choose a DC power supply. {/tabs
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