PU Leather Punching Bag Freestanding

Built from durable multi-layer PU leather and antiskid silicone bottom, this freestanding punching bag can withstand an onslaught of kicks and punches and bounce back immediately. Its stitching is made by machine and hand for double durability. The base is made of eco-friendly material; you can fill it with sand or water for its stability or empty the base for portability whenever you want. This boxing bag stand is perfect for saving space as it doesn't need extra parts for hanging. Get rid of stress and tone up your body now! It will be fun for the whole family as well.

  • Perfect Indoor/Outdoor Use
  • Perfect Training Aid For Boxers And Martial Artists
  • Made Of Hardwearing Materials And PU Leather
  • Filled With High Resilient Foam And Environmentally Friendly Cloth
  • High Quality PE Base
  • The Base Can Be Filled With Water Or Sand

Product Dimension (L xWxH) 50x50x165cm

Package Dimension (L xWxH)

Carton 1-122cmx28cmx28cm
Carton 2 -50cmx50cmx47cm

Package Weight

Carton 1- 18.5kg
Carton 2- 6kg