Pub Size Pool Table 8ft Snooker Billiard Table Blue


• 25mm (1 inch) Thickness MDF playing surface board

• Please note other pool tables in the market use thinner tops as well as lighter materials, our tables are 1 inch thickness top and weigh approximately 150kg, this allows the table to be extremely durable and strong, increasing the lifespan of the table overall.

• Table Size: 2.45m x 1.30m x 0.85m

• Standard 8Ft x 4Ft Pool Table size, used in pubs

• 50mm extra thick legs

• Choices of felt colour; Blue felt (Only Blue is available this batch)

• Easy assembly; similar to putting together household furniture. • High speed wool felt playing surface

• A good choice if you are looking for solidness and durability

• Ball return; sink a ball and it will return to one end of the table

• Adjustable feet provided. Can adjust in height of about 1 inch

• This table can be used both indoors and outdoors, but we do not recommend storing it outdoors