Puppia Modern Dotty Harness Melange Grey

Puppia Modern Dotty Harness Melange Grey

A harness is a wonderful way to keep your puppy secure on the leash without causing any harm. A well-designed one ensures a dog doesn t feel any constriction or pressure around the neck or chest, regardless of how much they pull. There are many harness options available in the market but if you re looking for something stylish and attractive, consider the Puppia Modern Dotty Harness Melange Grey. Here are some of the best qualities of this harness:

  • Beautiful Pattern This every-day harness has a beautiful dotted pattern on the chest and around the neck. Instead of plain, solid-colour harnesses, you pet can move around in style wearing the Puppia Modern Dotty Harness Melange Grey.
  • Adjustable Chest Belt The adjustable chest belt ensures the harness is a perfectly secure fit for your dog. This harness is designed for small to medium sized breeds and will wrap around them comfortably.
  • Quality Puppia Modern Dotty Harness Melange Grey is made from the best polyester material. It is light-weight, durable, and comfortable. The padded interior along with soft tubing on the edges ensures there is no chafing or irritation.
  • Easy to Use This harness will easily slide over your puppy s head, which makes it ideal for daily use. You don t have to struggle to get this harness on an active and eager dog.
  • This product is durable and will withstand daily use. You just need to wash it with mild soap and water.
  • Also available in a Black dotted pattern here.

The Puppia Modern Dotty Harness Melange Grey is available in the following sizes:

  • Small: 12 - 18 inches chest girth, 9 inches neck.
  • Medium: 15 - 21 inches chest girth, 11 inches neck.
  • Large: 19 - 29 inches chest girth, 13.5 inches neck.

Puppia is the world s dog fashion leader. A proven brand in the pet industry world wide. Puppia s most famed products are their harnesses which are acclaimed as the best selling harnesses in the world. Once you have used a Puppia Harness, you will never want to try anything else.

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