Pure Silk Eye Mask - Reduce Wrinkles While you sleep -

White Lotus Silk Eye Mask Australia

Comprehend the meaning of the words "beauty sleep" on a deeper level with our Unique White Lotus 100% pure mulberry silk eye mask.

For centuries, known in Ancient Eastern Cultures as a beauty secret, silk is a natural form of wrinkle prevention. During your sleep, your skin loses moisture through the night. This mask made of a 100% Mulberry silk will eliminate that moisture loss, giving your skin firmness and tone while diminishing wrinkles around the eyes.

And because it’s made from the thickest, most luxurious silk money can buy, it will give you the ideal sleep you only dreamed about your whole life! Machine-washable, at cold temperatures up to 30 C, for your convenience.

White Lotus first introduced the best silk eye mask to Australia in 2008. It was the results of the founder multiple study trips to Asia where they had seen first hand the wonderful cosmetic benefits of silk. First introduced as an anti aging silk eye mask it quickly became known as the best silk sleep mask available.

How to Prevent Sleep Wrinkles?

silk sleep mask

Unlike cotton or satin sleep masks silk is 97% protein. It is these 2 proteins sericin and fibroin which are why silk masks are the best eye masks for wrinkles. Silk proteins naturally increase hydration of the surface or epidermal cells in the skin (1). No more dry skin under your eyes on waking!

The silk fabric also forms a natural barrier to stop moisture loss from the skin. Silk sleep eye masks very simply answer the question of how to stop sleep wrinkles? Cheaper than eye gels and a lot more enjoyable the anti wrinkle masks protect the skin around the eyes reducing dark circles and fighting wrinkles.

Wearing a silk mask to bed becomes particularly important if you are a side sleeper. A well fitted sleep mask can help prevent crows feet developing around the side of the eyes as well as targeting normal sleep lines below the eyes.

Use an Eye Mask Sleep Better?

There is no way around it. Wear a White Lotus holistic silk eye mask to bed and you will sleep better. The mask is composed of the smoothest gentlest silk to nourish and replenish the eyes.

The padded silk eye mask creates a gentle pressure without tightness to help you relax. The large size of the eye patches will ensure complete black out for a brilliant nights sleep.

Silk Travel Eye mask

The White Lotus mask is the prefect silk travel mask. Its durable 19 momme silk will stand up to tough wear and tear while still looking gorgeous and blocking out all available light.

White Lotus Silk Eye Mask Benefits

Below we list the key benefits of silk eye mask use

  • Luxury Silk Eye Mask: Pure 100% Charmeuse Mulberry silk, the highest quality 19 momme silk
  • Comfortable: The adjustable silk eye mask uses and elastic strap to make sure the mask fits comfortably and completely block out all light
  • Light Blackout: Blacks out any light completely, for that perfect beauty sleep. To ensure this the inside of the masks is always black silk while the outside can be multiple colours. This helps ensure complete darkness
  • Genuine Australian seller: White Lotus stands behind its products and you will not be disappointed with the after sales service should you ever need it!
  • Beautiful Gift Box: A beautiful solid presentation makes the White Lotus Silk mask the perfect gift for someone special.
  • A broad range of beautiful colours to match any decor

Silk Eye Mask and Pillowcase

silk eye mask

Really want to treat yourself or someone special then buy the silk eye mask and pillowcase set. The silk pillowcase can be purchased in a matching colour for a truly luxurious look.

The silk pillowcase will protect other parts of your face from sleep lines while you sleep. Silk is also frictionless so it prevents hair being torn out during the night and stops your hair becoming frizzy.

Technical Specifications

  • Measures 10cm high and 22cm across.
  • 100% Machine washable.
  • Made from the finest Mulberry silk 19 momme
  • Branded adjustable strap for comfort

Silk Eye mask Colours Available

  • White Silk Eye Mask
  • Black Silk Eye Mask
  • Pearl Grey Silk Eye Mask

What are you waiting for go ahead and purchase the best eye mask Australia and start getting the pure beauty sleep you deserve.

  1. Voegeli R, Meier J and Blust R. Sericin silk protein: unique structure and properties. Cosmetics and toiletries. 1993;108:101-108.

Pure Silk Eye Mask - Reduce Wrinkles While you sleep -


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Marketplace - Leaves warehouse in 5 business days
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