Purina Pro Plan Kitten OptiStart

Purina Pro Plan Kitten OptiStart

Did you know that kittens are more inclined to experience diarrhea, digestive upsets, and infections, during initial months of their life? To save the risk of these diseases, Purina Pro Plan Kitten OptiStart chains all the basics key nutrients that your adorable little kitten may need. OPTISTART also strengthens a kitten s intestinal health and colostrum helps them develop a stronger and faster immune response to give them the best start to the life.

Purina Pro Plan Kitten OptiStart can offer a nutritionally balanced diet to pets with the intention of promoting a happy and healthy life for your cat. Purina Pro Plan Kitten OptiStart formula is significant for:

  • The healthy development of kittens from 6 weeks to 1 year.
  • Brain and visual development.
  • Bone and muscle development.
  • Better immune system response.

Purina Pro Plan Kitten OptiStart is a scientifically proven balanced cat food beneficial for little pets, especially for small kittens. The ingredients involved in Purina Pro Plan Kitten OptiStart to make it complete nutritional for your little pet are:

  • Omega 3 to help with brain.
  • Tons of minerals and dehydrated poultry protein.
  • Chicken (20%), animal fat, dried egg, fish oil.
  • Cereal mixes like Maize gluten meal, maize starch, rice, wheat gluten meal, minerals, digestives, colostrum (0.1%).

Pro Plan provides excellent nutrition with scientifically proven benefits for cats. It contains excellent nutrition for your cat because the basis of every recipe is a complete and balanced blend of all essential nutrients for good health. Pro Plan is made from carefully selected, top quality and easily digestible ingredients. These diets are scientifically designed to make a difference to your cat s long-term health. For over 2 years, a team of over 500 experts including vets, nutritionists, animal behaviourists and scientists have been formulating a range of products containing the latest scientifically proven benefits. These combinations of benefits put Pro Plan at the leading-edge of feline nutrition.

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Purina Pro Plan Kitten OptiStart


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