PURRfect Wild Hemp Teaser Cat Wand Interactive Cat Toy

**Let your cat pounce and paw to their hearts content with the PURRfect Wild Hemp Cat Teaser Toy!**This cat wand features a multi-coloured mix of naturally tinted coloured feathers and hemp tails at the end of the long and flexible hemp cord, perfectly designed to capture your pets attention and get them to engage in fun activity like clawing and biting. The durable wand makes it easy for you to control the movements of the toy.


  • Interactive cat wand toy for endless entertainment
  • Features a colourful blend of naturally tinted feathers and hemp cord tails
  • Feathers and tails attached to a sturdy, safe-to-chew hemp cord
  • Creates unpredictable and attractive movements to entice pet to paw and play
  • Durable and long wand to help control the toys movements
  • Encourages your cats natural instincts to hunt and prey
  • Great to use to keep your kitty entertained and helps you bond with them

Colour: Multi-coloured

Wand Length: 61cm

Make your cats day active and fun with the PURRfect Wild Hemp Cat Teaser!