Q-Rad 1500W Wall Smart Electric Radiator Heater Draft Sensor 24 hr/7 Day Timer

We manufacture the highest quality heating products for use in a wide variety of environments. This product has been designed to incorporate the latest, most advanced technologies to give you maximum control over your heating. The system allows for the simple setting of required time and temperature and includes many energy-saving features which work automatically to help keep you warm for less.
1.5kW heat output
Adaptive room temperature control - set target temperature at desired time and the unit will automatically adapt to the required setting.
Boost function
24 hour, 7-day timer
Battery backup
LCD backlight changes colour according to the chosen temperature (to assist the partially-sighted and can be supported audibly if required)
Draft Sensor - when a rapid drop in temperature is detected, the unit will switch to standby mode before redistributing heat when the temperature stabilises
Reprogrammable Memory