Raco Aerolift Round Loose Base Cake Pan 20cm

Reach for this 20cm Raco Aerolift Loose Base Cake Pan every time you bake and enjoy the easy lift and release, the perfectly baked underside of your cakes and the lift-out base. Coated with hard wearing PFOA and PTFE-free non-stick coating it is oven safe to 240°C and features an embossed honeycomb texture at the base which increases the area of heat available to your cake batter, ensuring a cleaner lift and a perfectly cooked base every time. With rolled rims to prevent warping, this versatile pan can simply be hand washed and dried, ready for your next cake baking adventure.

Construction: Non-stick coated pressed metal Dimensions: 20 cm diameterFeatures: Excellent heat conduction Patterned bases PFOA and PTFE-free Oven safe up to 240°C Cleaning/Care: Hand washing recommendedWarranty: Quality assured