Rav Mag Rubber Broom

INCREDIBLE CLEANING TOOL: Tyroler’s large rubber broom will get your floors cleaner than ever in less time and less effort. The versatile broom sweeps wet and dry surfaces and can be used indoors and outdoors with great results.

WATER-RESISTANT NATURAL RUBBER BRISTLES: Made from natural rubber, requiring little maintenance for short and long-term use. The rubber is easy to clean, won’t lose its original shape, and will last for years.

CARPET PET HAIR REMOVER: The bristles have advanced cleaning technology that work to lift dust, dirt, and hair. Quickly and easily remove pet hair from carpets and other areas.

HIGH-QUALITY DESIGN: Made of 100% natural rubber, the broom is tough enough to handle any job, yet designed in a way that it won’t damage any surfaces. It comes with a 140CM sturdy steel handle with a powder-coated finish. The length allows you to access hard-to-reach places.

MULTI-PURPOSE SQUEEGEE: Finish your cleaning session by using the squeegee side to move excess water toward a drain or off your deck. Squeegee can be used for floors, windows, showers, car windshields and more.

THE BRIGHTTOOLS GUARANTEE: We are so sure you’ll love this broom that we offer an unbeatable 2-year warranty. By offering a 30 days money-back guarantee, we want you to know that customer satisfaction is our highest priority.