Rebound Game

Rebound Game brings a ton of amazing tabletop game fun

Here's a great way to let kids spend Friday nights minus video games and mobile devices. This Rebound Game from Mattel has been a timeless favourite with kids and families for 25 years! It's a blast from the past with cool features. There's a big crashing action waiting when you do a simple clip-together construction. But it's not only pure force - this is a game of angles, touch and a bit of luck!

Features :

  • This Rebound Game from Mattel is fun and competitive game that lets players shoot, bank and score
  • Players will take turns to side sliding pucks down the game board and bounce off the bumpers to land pucks on the scoring area
  • If the opponent's puck gets in the way, then it's time to knock it right off
  • First player to reach 500 points wins
  • Good for hours of fun
  • For kids age 5 onwards

Let your kids enjoy a fast-paced game of angles and action with Rebound Game.