Red Hood Vigilante Outlaw Men's T-Shirt

Former Boy Wonder. Former Arkham Knight. You were determined to make Batman miserable. Why? ;Because the Joker kidnapped, tortured and brainwashed you -- he even convinced Batman you were dead. But you weren't, and Batman had the audacity ;to choose another Robin. However, your tenure as the Arkham Knight ended when you realized Batman had nary a clue regarding your survival. After this revelation (and some serious mending at Arkham Asylum), you accepted the Batman-approved identity of the Red Hood. Based on the hit video game Arkham Knight, our ; Red Hood Vigilante Outlaw Men's T-Shirt features the Hood's purposely distressed seal complete with jagged Bat-symbol and Gotham's piercing spires. Made from a blend of soft cotton and stretchy polyester, this Red Hood shirt for men celebrates the redemption of Batman's biggest failure.