Red Hulk Fist Bump Men's T-Shirt

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em (and then beat ;'em). As the dogged and determined General Ross, you've been attempting to violently mitigate your 'Hulk problem' for ;decades. Yep, you tried everything ;from Gamma-powered weapons to manipulated Abominations and irradiated super-pigs, but the Hulk successfully smashed ;his way out of any and all strategically administered predicaments. So, how do you beat the Hulk? You foster unlikely alliances and become a Hulk -- a Red Hulk, specifically. Yep, you teamed up with AIM and MODOK to create gamma-powered creatures, and you volunteered yourself as a test subject. The result? ; A red-colored, super-irradiated Hulk with ;your personality intact, and the ability to handily smite any and all green-colored Hulk-persons. Made from 100% cotton, our ; Red Hulk Fist Bump Men's T-Shirt features a red, purposely distressed image of the Red Hulk's fist. And yes, it looks just like our other Hulk Fist bump Tee. Except it's red. Yes, this Red Hulk t-shirt celebrates General Ross' almost psychotic contempt for the incredible Hulk. I mean, he allowed himself to become the thing he truly hates. That's, like, seriously psychotic.