Red Suricata Family Beach Sun Shade Canopy - Pink

Want to Know the Best Way to Stay in the Shade the Entire Day? The All-New Improved 2021 Lycra Beach Sun Shade Tent – now with WATER REPELLENT fabric!


  • Water repellent - New 2021 - water repellent fabric makes you sunshade an excellent rain shelter, if needed
  • Selection of vivid colors to choose from - canopy, sand bags and matching aluminum poles! 8 colors to choose from - blue, red, turquoise, purple, orange, grey, black & pink
  • 4 Folding Aluminum Poles - Unique pointed, staked poles and secure plastic ball top
  • 4 Pole Anchor Screws – New 2021 – 4 improved strength (new stronger material) pole anchors providing even greater stability to the sunshade – EVEN in Windy Conditions as well as easier one-person set-up.
  • Aluminum Mini Shovel - New 2021 - our new branded aluminum mini shovel makes it a cinch to dig wet sand out, as well as shovelling sand into the 4 sandbags. Your kids will enjoy helping filling them up.
  • 2 Towel Hooks - New 2021 - we added a couple of towel hooks which easily attach to the poles. Hang your towel, clothes or even a speaker.
  • 4 Sand Bag Anchors – Easy to fill, and connected by strong ropes to canopy corners. Large Canopy Sand bags have 50% more capacity for sand providing improved support!
  • 4 “bungee” elastic cords – New 2020 – dual function – affix the canopy fabric to the pole & attach folded pole for storage
  • 4 Tent Pegs – Provides extra stability & support for your canopy tent.
  • UPF50 UV Sun Protection – This is equivalent to screening out 98% of direct UV Sunlight.
  • Spacy Waterproof Carry Bag with Handles – The zippered carry bag fits everything inside.

**Tens of Thousands of Smart Beach Goer’s Are Now Using This!

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS (UNSTRETCHED):** LARGE – 300cm x 280cm | height: 2m | weight: 4.2kg MEDIUM – 220cm x 220cm | height: 2m | weight: 3.4kg

Red Suricata Family Beach Sun Shade Canopy - Pink


Marketplace - Leaves warehouse in 3 business days
Marketplace - Leaves warehouse in 3 business days
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