Red Suricata Mini Rechargeable Electric Air Pump for Inflatables

Don't Waste Your Breath Trying to Inflate your Inflatables – Sit Back and Let this #1 Awesome AIR PUMP do all the work!

6 Ways Our Mini Pump Makes Your Life Easier:

  • No need to lug a large-sized pump in the car. Our portable mini Air Pump is so small it can fit in your pocket or handbag, yet can literally inflate ANYTHING

  • No more foot & hand pumps or getting stuffed at the beach and pool. Sit back, relax, let the electric pump inflate your air mattress, lounger sofa and more

  • No more complaining shark biscuits. Within 30 seconds their floaties, water wings, swimming rings, and pool toys will be inflated and ready for action!

  • No need to buy batteries. This rechargeable air pump saves you big bucks on batteries. Just charge it up and you're ready to pump it up!

  • No more squeezing the air out. Trying to roll up an air bed or pool float is super frustrating. This pump can also DEFLATE all your inflatables

  • Makes a wonderful Chrissie or birthday gift for both blokes and sheilas. They will enjoy the perfect summer vacation with this great travel pump!


    • Miniature yet Powerful – It will inflate a typical air mattress in 2 minutes and a pool float in less than 1 minute!
    • Take it Everywhere – Smaller than a Tinny – it is so small you can take it anywhere that you might need it – weighs less than 200gr including the carry bag and accessories
    • Made to Inflate (almost) Every Inflatable - comes with an interconnected 3 nozzle set – the sizes of which fit almost all common inflatables– like mattresses, floats, sofa, beach balls & more. It does NOT inflate balloons
    • Lasts a Long Time (35+ minutes) on a Single Charge – Inflate a mattress 15-20 times on a single charge
    • Multiple Ways to Charge - charge via a mini USB port, a wall socket USB charger, a power bank or your computer USB slot
    • Surprise, it Can Also Deflate just as well
    • Canvas Red Suricata Carry bag – the mini pump, 3 nozzle set and 1m USB cable all come in a fashionable carry bag that will ensure you don’t lose any parts

No Wucka’s - this Red Suricata mini air pump delivers as promised – If You’re Feeling Pumped about Our Pump - Get yours now.

Red Suricata Mini Rechargeable Electric Air Pump for Inflatables

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Marketplace - Leaves warehouse in 2 business days
Marketplace - Leaves warehouse in 2 business days
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