Refectocil Tint 1 Black Eyelash Lash Eyebrow Brow Tinting Colour Dye Eyes

Refectocil Tint 1 Black

Please note: This product needs to be mixed with Oxidant (sold separately) before application.

Tint eyebrows and lashes to a pure black using Refectocil's Tint 1 Black, designed for clients with black or dark brown hair. This smudge and waterproof formula lasts up to 6 weeks.

This is a professional product, for professional use only. Use only as directed.


  • For eyebrows and lashes
  • Tints to a pure black
  • Smudge and waterproof
  • Results last up to 6 weeks

Please note: This product must be mixed with a developer or peroxide before applying to the hair (sold separately).