Reolink Security Cameras Argus 2 with solar panel supports Solar-powered, Cloud Storage, 2-Way Audio


100% Wire-free

1080P Full HD

Solar Powered

2-way Audio

Local Storage

Cloud Storage

PIR Motion Detection, up to 33ft/10m

Color Night Vision


What’s in the box?

1 x Reolink Argus 2

1 x Magnetic Base

1 x Rechargeable Battery

1 x Security Mount (with hook & loop strap)

1 x White Skin

1 x Reset Needle

2 x Mounting Hole Template

1 x 3 Meter Micro USB Cable

2 x Pack of Screws

1 x Solar Panel

1 x 4 Meter USB Cable

1 x Bracket



* ;The camera and the rechargeable battery are separately packed in the same box.

* The solar panel is packed in another box.

* Please dress the camera with the skin for better weatherproof performance When you install the camera outdoors.What’s needed to complete the system?

1.2.4G wifi router

2.Micro SD card for storage. 8g or 16g is enough.

  1. Android phone or iPhone, download FREE Reolink app. and setup the wifi settings for live stream, receive alerts, remote playback etc



Q: Is the battery rechargeable?

A: The battery is rechargeable and each battery has a charge/lifespan of ~500 charges.

Charging is done via a 5V2A micro-USB cable and can be plugged into any typical USB plug.


Q: How long does the battery last when in full charge? ;

A: Typically, it could last 4-6 months, which is essentially 20 clips per day, at 15 seconds per clip. With continuous detection or live viewing, it could last 960mins in daytime and 540mins in nighttime. The actual battery life will depend on your usage—and the camera will push a notification to your mobile device when the battery is low than 10%.


Q: How is continuous power affect minimal to the battery if it keeps dropping capacity and re-charging, instead of running on power alone, like wires cameras do?

A: The solar panels only provide a trickle charge so as to not tax the battery in the cameras too much. They're also designed to stop charging past 90%, so you never have to worry about the cell being charged while full!


Q: Does it support 24/7 recording? ;

A: No. This camera does not have an option for 24/7 recording since we really focused on having our camera be as energy-efficient as possible. It only records if the PIR motion detector is alerted or record manually. 24/7 recording will drain the battery very fast.


Q: Does it support continuous recording?

A: The Battery Cam can be set up to record in 8, 15, or 30 second increments. That is if the Battery Cam catches an incident that takes longer, it will continue to record so long as there is motion, but the files themselves will be saved in clips. You won't lose any footage, but you'll be able to easily sort through the smaller files to find what matters.

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Q: Does it support 5 GHz Wifi?

A: No. Compared with 2.4g, 5 GHz does perform better in providing a stable connection if there is signal interference and the speed is faster. ;But tests show that using the 2.4ghz band is generally more reliable due to not being as hindered by physical interference. So 2.4ghz is better for long distance usage especially for outdoor usage.


Q: Does it support homeKit or Alexa?

A: Argus 2 can work with Google Assistant and Alexa