Retro Mini TV Gaming Console


This Mini TV Console packs the most fun into the absolute tiniest package!

The super 8-bit LCD screen measures a teensy 7.1 cms but that doesn't stop this from being a totally awesome time. It's preloaded with over 300 games for single player or two player. It comes with 2 wireless controllers so you can play your mate or go it alone!

Don't worry if the screen is a little TOO small for your eyes, especially if you're an aging millennial... It comes complete with an AV cable so you can hook it up to the big screen for easy viewing. That means it's the perfect console for the road OR simply playing at home!

A great gift for gamers, especially nostalgic ones!


  • Includes 300 awesome 8-bit games
  • 7.1 cm screen with 2 wireless joypads
  • Connect to your TV with the included AV cable!


  • Inclusions: Mini screen, 2 x mini joypads, AV cable, USB cable
  • Measurements:
  • Batteries: 3 x AAA batteries for the mini tv & 2 x AG13 batteries for each joypad (not included)
  • Ages: 8 and older
  • Compatible with TV (using AV cable)