Reusable Cleaning Gloves PVC Dishwashing Gloves

1. PVC kitchen gloves are latex free, DEHP free, lead and cadmium free, much safer to hand protection. These waterproof gloves are ideal for cleaning kitchen, bathroom and toilet, gardening, clothes washing, pet caring, washing your car, handling with dishwashing and other household chores, etc.

2. The rubber exterior of these yellow janitorial gloves keeps water out, so dish washing does not erode skin. Our moisture resistant rubber gloves also keep hands from contacting chemicals, acids animal fats, alcohols and detergents.

3. The lining makes the cleaning gloves slide on and off easier and keeps your hands dry and comfortable. These are perfect and serve as dishwasher gloves, utility gloves, kitchen gloves, gardener gloves, and warehouse worker gloves.

4. Wide Application: Used for household cleaning, dishwashing, car washing, garden work, chemical processing and more.

5. Cautions:1. Do not wahoo gloves for high-concentration chemicals or oil/greasy protection. 2. Do not use PVC gloves as heat resistance protection. 3. Do not wear sharp ornaments like the diamond ring and other jewelry in case of a scratch. 4. Keep away from sharp items like needles and toothpicks in case of a puncture.


Usage: Dish Washing

Feel comfortable.


Easy to wear

Size:33.5cm x 11cm

Types: Dishwashing gloves

Household Cleaning Gloves

Washing clothes is not afraid of hurting your hands

PVC coating increases general gripping ability