REYTID Replacement QuickDraw Enhanced Grip & Adjustable RapidFire Triggers Compatible with PlayStation 4 Controllers - Black

Simply take your QuickDraw Trigger System and carefully slide it over the existing controller trigger. First makng sure the orignal trigger is inside the QuickDraw Trigger Extension.

Easily Slide the QuickDraw Grip over your Original Controller. Simply Adjust the Trigger Slide underneath the controller using the finger tight adjustment screw.

Ready up with easy and take advantage of the QuickDraw and Rapid Quick Fire Triggers at your disposal. Light up your opponent and send them back to the main menu with the greatest of ease.

QuickDraw has been carefully developed just for gamers to remove some of the issues when gaming, with enchanced grip and faster aim and fire. No need for an expensive modded controller.

[GUARANTEE] Comes with a 1 Year Warranty.