Rib Belt-Tynor/LRG

Code: A 09
Sizes Available: S, M, L, XL

Rib Belt is applied to the thoracic and upper abdominal region to compress and bind the rib cage during rib fractures and postoperative care while allowing sufficient flexibility for comfortable breathing.

  • Extra porous
  • With splinting pad
  • No buckling or rolling over
  • Controlled compression

◄Applications- Ideal for:

  • Compression of the thorax (chest) and rib cage and relieving pain in cases of rib fractures and dislocation
  • Provides post-surgical care for hiatal hernia surgery.
  • Stabilizes fractures of the sternum (breastbone)
  • Reduce the discomfort of sudden rib cage expansion from deep breaths, cough, or sneezing during recovery.
  • Stabilization of sternum fractures and Post cardiothoracic surgery care, a broken rib, and cracked rib.
  • Ease the process of expulsion of phlegm out of lungs after surgeries which might otherwise, lead to infectious lung pleurisy and other serious conditions.
  • Extra porous, Controlled compression
  • With splinting pad, No buckling or rolling over

◄Features- Lightweight and thin construction improve patient compliance.

  • Ethafoam Pad can be placed at the site of fracture to enhance the splinting action and holding of the fractured ribs.
  • Porous webbing improves the ventilation and comfort of the patient.
  • Broad hook and loop tape panel offers better holding and sizing flexibility.

◄ConstructionRib Belt is made out of superior quality elastic webbing with a high degree of porosity, it contains heat resistant rubber with high modulus of elasticity, which ensures a long life of the belt without loosening.

Hook and loop closure ensures proper snug fitting of the belt around the thorax, good immobilization, easy application, and removal.

◄Product Care Hand-wash with mild detergent and water below 30 without wringing.

Dry in shade on a flat surface

Do not dry-clean.

Do not Iron. Do not Iron.

Do Not Bleach Do Not Bleach

Close hook hoop fasteners before washing. Close hook hoop fasteners before washing.

◄Caution/ Recommendations- The center of the Chest Pad is located in the furrow of the chest. Compression is carefully controlled to give optimal immobilization and pain relief.

  • Use this product under the guidance of a qualified doctor.
  • Discontinue use and seek the guidance of a qualified doctor, in case of impaired sensation, impaired blood flow, Allergy rash, or itching pain increases or persists.
  • Consult your doctor in case of concurrent use with any other medical device.
  • Misuse or improper use of the device can lead to adverse effects and decreased effectiveness.
  • Follow the instructions mentioned on the box carefully.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Adjust padding and straps for a secure and comfortable fitting.

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