Rogz Lumberjack Control Long Dog Lead For X-Large Dogs Day Glow Yellow Pet

The Rogz Snake Control Lead is a shock absorbing lead, with ShocLoc Control. Rogz Control Lead has a bungee portion that absorbs shock. This lead is designed for moderate pullers.
The Control Lead absorbs the shock from a quick pull or jerk, minimizing the risk of injury to you or your dog.
Suitable for gentle to moderate pull behaviour.

• Reflective Stitching - Reflective yarn is woven into the webbing for night time visibility
• Shock Absorbing Webbing - Soft touch bungee to ease the pull strength and pressure placed on you and your dog.
• ShocLoc Control - The worlds first Lock-out system. Designed to Lock out the absorbing function of the bungee.
• SnapLoc Trigger Hook - The worlds first Lockable Trigger Hook to ensure control and safety for you and your dog.
• Waste Bag Holder - Accessory to hold your waste bag.

Length: 1.2m
Webbing Width: 25mm

SIZE: X-Large