Roxanne Glue-Baste-It 59ml

The unique syringe applicator allows controlled placement of droplets of glue.

This incredible Applique glue is 100% water-soluble, dries in minutes, holds firmly until you want to loosen it, and does not feel stiff when dry. The unique syringe applicator allows controlled placement of droplets of glue. Contains no dyes, waxes to harmful chemicals, pH neutral. Great for scrapbooking, Applique work, quilt binding, chenille strips use anywhere you would normally use pins.

100% water soluable. pH neutral, dries clear and flexible.

Instead of pinning, "glue baste" your applique work, quilt pieces, bindings and hems. Apply tiny glue droplets with the enclosed 1" or 1.5" syringe tips. Glue becomes tacky immediately, dries in 3 to 5 min. Hold firmly until moistened or washed out with soapy water.

100% Water soluble, dries clear and flexible in minutes. Holds firmly until moistened or washed. It has a unique precision tip allows controlled placement of droplets of glue for Applique

This incredible applique glue is 100% water soluble, dries in minutes, but holds firmly until you want it loose. The unique syringe applicator allows for the placement of controlled droplets of glue. Does not feel stiff when dry, and contains no dyes, waxes or harmful chemicals.

Great for chenille, paper piecing, applique, tacking quilt bindings, Cathedral Windows, tacking bias binding so many applications. Use anywhere pins would normally go.

Roxanne Glue-Baste-It operates on the premise of capillary action. Water will not freely flow through the hypo-49 syringe cap. If glue dried in the tip it is best to try to clear it by sticking a very long thin pin down through it. Do not leave a pin in the syringe in an attempt to prevent glue blockage. To prevent it from doing this again you should "blow the glue" out after each use by following these instructions.

When finished using Glue-Baste-It set the bottle upright on a table, after a few seconds you will be able to see the shadow of the glue level in the bottle. This means that there is air between that glue level and the lid of the bottle. Without tipping the remaining glue into the syringe squeeze the bottle to force the air into the syringe pushing out excess glue. You should wipe the excess glue with a tissue as it comes out, careful to keep the bottle upright the whole time or glue in the bottle will be able to re-enter the syringe. You should almost hear a "blow" noise as the last drop of glue clears the syringe.

Remove the syringe top and replace with flat top for storage.