Royal Comfort Luxury 100% Mulberry Hypoallergenic Silk Pillowcase Twin Pack - Charcoal

Royal Comfort Silk Hypoallergenic Pillow Case Twin Pack in Grey

2x Pillowcases, measuring 51 x 76 cm each, fits most standard bed pillows

1 side is made of 100% Mulberry Silk known for its natural hypoallergenic properties, and 1 side is made of non-slip material

Reduces the amount of moisture absorbed from your face, leaving you fresher in the morning.

They don’t sweat. Silk breathes naturally regulating temperatures, this means a cooler pillow in summer.

Brand: Royal Comfort
For: Bedding
Model: Mulberry Silk Twin Pack Pillow Case
Colour: Grey
Size: 51 x 76CM
Material: Silk
Pack Contents: 2x Pillowcases


Gentle On Skin And Hair
Reduces moisture absorbed from face
Breathes Naturally Regulating Temperatures
1 Side Made Of Mulberry Silk
1 Side Made Of Non-Slip Material

Get the real beauty sleep you deserve with the Royal Comfort Silk Pillow Case Set in Grey. The luxurious silk is gentle on your hair and delicate on the skin, making you feel great and refreshed in the morning. Also Reduces the amount of moisture absorbed from your face, and the pillowcase breathes naturally regulating temperatures. Hypoallergenic, so it will unlikely cause an allergic reaction. It's cooler touch from naturally regulating temperatures makes it ideal for summer nights - no more flipping pillows!

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17 July 2020


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10 June 2020

Good quality quick delivery and wash up up perfectly

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07 January 2020

Very nice and comfortable

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26 September 2019


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16 September 2019

Good value.

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