RSPCA Allwormer Tablets for Small Dogs

RSPCA Allwormer Tablets for Small Dogs

RSPCA Allwormer Tablets for Small Dogs provide an effective worming option for dog owners. Dogs are unfortunately constantly exposed to dangerous worms throughout their lives. While adult dogs are exposed to intestinal worms in dirt and soil in parks or backyards, little ones can suffer from it even before they arrive in this world. Some species of worms transfer from the mother s milk or even through the placenta of the mother dog. Puppies below 6 months of age need to be de-wormed even more than adult dogs. If untreated, they can develop serious conditions like vomiting, diarrhoea, anaemia, poor growth and sometimes even death. RSPCA Allwormer Tablets for Small Dogs treat all kinds of worms in puppies except heartworm. The key features of RSPCA Allwormer Tablets for Small Dogs include:

  • One tablet is suitable per 10kg of body weight.
  • Useful for treatment of whipworm, hookworm, roundworm, and tapeworms (including hydatid) in puppies.
  • It does not cure heartworm.
  • These tablets can be used on puppies from the age of 2 weeks.
  • These tablets are to be administered orally.

Size Guide: Each pack of RSPCA Allwormer Tablets for Small Dogs contains 4 tablets.

Pay less and support the RSPCA at the same time by choosing these products for your pet's treatment. The RSPCA is one of Australia's most trusted charities and identifiable brands in animal care and protection. These effective and economical products are APVMA approved, manufactured in Australia and are easy to administer tablets. With products proven to truly work, you can make sure your pet is getting the very best protection while supporting the RSPCA's work at the same time!

Ingredients: 50mg Praziquantel. 143mg Pyrantel Embonate and 542mg Oxantel Embonate.

How to tell if your dog has worms

Worms are one of the most common issues impacting dogs but can often be difficult to notice until your dog s health is already at risk. The more common worms infecting dogs are heartworms, roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms and whipworms. Here are the top 8 things to look for that may indicate your dog has worms.

  1. Coughing: Increased coughing is a known symptom of some worms, particularly advanced cases of heartworm.

  2. Worms or eggs in the faeces: While not all kinds of worms are visible to the naked eye, many are so it is worthwhile having a look.

  3. Worms in vomit: Same as above, it is worthwhile having a look.

  4. Scratching bottom along floor: Dogs often do this when itchy or irritated. While this can be caused by various things, worms is a possibility.

  5. Bloated stomach: This is a more common side effect noticeable in puppies.

  6. Food thieves: Worms steal food from their hosts so one noticeable symptom may be that your dog has lost weight or appears to be much hungrier than usual.

  7. Diarrhoea: This can be another symptom of worms, particularly if the diarrhoea has blood in it.

  8. Dull coat or loss of hair: While it varies between different breeds, a good sign of a healthy dog is a thick and shiny coat of hair. If you notice it appearing more dull or dry or significantly thinning out, this may be a symptom of worms.

If you think your dog has worms, speak to your vet to seek immediate treatment. Remember, prevention is better than a cure so make sure your pooch is up to date with his or her worming tablets!

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